You only need to watch a few minutes of a marathon to learn, runners are a passionate group of people. Whatever their split-time, size or story, runners are the ones who’ve decided to get out of bed, get moving and get after it.

The Novant Health Charlotte Marathon will put together a select team of runners to serve as ambassadors throughout 2020. We search for go-getters who are skilled at bringing people together and motivating others towards a common goal. The majority of people who’ve run our races say that it was because a friend or family member encouraged them to try. That’s why our ambassadors are so important. Often all it takes is the right person to change someone’s thoughts from, “Never!” to “Why not me?” These lovely men and women are here to help you get across that finish line on November 14th!



Think you have what it takes to be a Novant Health Charlotte Marathon Ambassador? Whether you’ve run 100 ultra marathons or are looking to train for your first 5K, we want to hear from YOU!

What makes Charlotte awesome is the diversity. Most of us have moved here from somewhere else (Do you know anyone from Charlotte?) and we’ve all brought different backgrounds and experiences to our city and our running community. We want our Ambassadors to represent this diversity and we want our race to be just as colorful as our city.

I won’t spill all the beans now, but Ambassadors will split into teams to specifically target one of the following groups:

  • Teams & Corporate Groups
  • Run Clubs & Run Specialty Stores
  • Kids Programs
  • Neighborhood Associations
  • Charity Groups


We just want to make sure you’re here for the team! We’ll talk about it more once we send out offers, but in a nutshell theses are the requirements.

Confirmed Events:

Famous Toastery Shamrock 4 Miler presented by Novant Health – March 14

New Dominion American 4 Miler presented by Novant Health – July 4

Yiasou Greek Festival 5K presented by Novant Health – August 1

Hit the Brixx 5k presented by Novant Health – Coming Soon!

Novant Health Lake Norman 15K – September 27

Keffer Cares Rocktoberfest 5 Miler & Half Marathon Presented by Novant Health – October 17


Be sure you are up to the task!

If you’ve gotten all the way to this point you’re probably a runner that loves Charlotte and wants to make your mark on the running community.

Why are you still reading? Watch the video and apply!

2020 Charlotte Marathon Ambassador Application

2020 Returning Charlotte Marathon Ambassador Application

Application Closes on 1/26 @11:59pm!